I am currently available to hire for proofreading and editing. I hold a First in English Literature from the University of Glasgow, edit reviews for Gutter Magazine, and proofread for Freight Books. I've also edited for speculative fiction zine The Queen's Head and The Island Review website. So whether your work requires a close line edit, a structural do-over, or even a queer sensitivity reader, chances are I can help.

With regards to sensitivity reading (checking for cultural bias, inaccuracy or charged/irresponsible use of language with regards to queer representation) it's worth stating: I can only approach your work from the viewpont of a cis gay man. Other queer identities exist, and will better understand the specifics of their own struggle for representation, but I'll still be able to advise generally on the validity of any queer issues addressed in your writing.

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Spelling, punctuation and grammar only.
£4 / 1000 words (up to 20,000 words)
£5 / 1000 words (20-80,000 words)


Sentence and paragraph clarity, tone, tense and flow,
as well as basic proofreading.
£5 / 1000 words (up to 20,000 words)
£7 / 1000 words (20-80,000 words)


All of the above, as well as suggestions on narrative structure, character development and overall organisation.
£10 / 1000 words (starting from 5,000 words, up to 80,000)