I'm Ryan Vance, a writer, editor, proofreader, designer and general literary busybody, with a penchant for speculative fiction and queer representation, based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I'm available for freelance editing and project work, occasionally dabble with photography, design and gaming, and continually pine for the perfect dancefloor.

Twitter: @ryanjjvance


Babydog - Mycelia
The Pit King - F[r]iction
Mouthfeel - Gutter Magazine
The Cowry House - Dark Mountain
The Offset and The Calving - Gutter Magazine
Finch and Crow do the Alleycat - New Writing Scotland
Slippage and The Flag - Terraform
Noah Takes a Photo of Himself for Ten Thousand Years - Terraform
Unconscious Sands - The Island Review
Ten Love Songs - The Grind
Contamination - The Grind
Viet Cong - The Grind
Gold Star - Out There: An Anthology of LGBT Writing
The Mirror Man of ClaverHomespun Threads (A Patchwork of Fairytales)

Found First & Second / Status Translated - Glasgow Review of Books
Show Offs / Crackerjack - From Glasgow to Saturn
From a Problem With the Thickness of the Grease Inside The Body / Some Dancers Inherit A Deficit  - Glasgow Review of Books
A Dedication To Fabric - Talbot Rice Gallery

Dusty Does Dallas - Lock Up Your Daughters entry to the 48 Hour Film Project Glasgow - 2014
A Time To Die - Lock Up Your Daughters entry to the 48 Hour Film Project Glasgow - 2013

Shortlisted for the Scottish Book Trust's New Writers Awards 2016